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Inspired by the penetrating film Yo soy asi (by Sonia Herman Dolz), in which the closing of a transvestite cabaret in Barcelonaaffords us a glimpse into the private lives of a memorable group of old artists, actress Vanessa VanDurme collected a number of transsexual and transvestite friends in order to win over directors AlainPlatel and Frank Van Laecke and composer Steven Prengels for a project that can be called unique inevery respect.Because Gardenia is not a work of fiction. Gardenia is a singular account, the most intimate of tales.Gardenia goes deep into the turbulent lives of nine striking people. Seven older individuals whoseemingly effortlessly navigate the twilight zone between being male and being female. In contrast andharmony with a “young guy” and a “real woman”. Each on a quest. Each with their own intriguingstory.Sometimes funny, sometimes overwhelming. Sometimes poignant, sometimes hilarious. Each with atrunk full of longing. Often lost or out of reach. Sometimes endearing. Mostly unusual. In their mindsthe sounds of the past. In their eyes doubts about tomorrow, but also a healthy dose of hope.






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'In the most intimate of tales, this unique show goes deep into the lives of nine people; seven older individuals navigating the zone between masculine and feminine, and a younger man and 'real' woman. Each carries their own intriguing story, sometimes poignant, sometimes hilarious. Based on the real experiences of the cast, Gardenia indulges the human instinct for voyeurism in a show that harmonises dance, song and the arresting contemporary music of Steven Prengels.' (Sadler's Wells, Londen)


'Gardenia is a moving piece. It’s is cruel, sometimes funny and above all tender. Although it is a performance, it is an intimate one, by people who have in a way agreed to relive their pasts in public in order to be accepted and recognised, something which is impossible not to warm to.

The delicate interweaving of Platel and Van Laecke’s set – both of whom have worked with Vanessa Van Durme before – and the choice of music (from Dalida to Schubert) paint a very human picture of the transvestite world. Along with her friends, Vanessa Van Durme gathers together the pieces of her life for an unforgettable group photo.' (LeMonde)


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music direction.


set design.





creation and actors.













Alain Platel, Frank Van Laecke

Steven Prengels

Vanessa Van Durme

Paul Gallis

Marie 'Kostuum' Lauwers

Kurt Lefevre

Sam Serruys


Vanessa Van Durme, Griet Debacker, Timur Magomedgadzhiev / Hendrik Lebon, Andrea De Laet, Richard ‘Tootsie’ Dierick, Danilo Povolo, Gerrit Becker, Dirk Van Vaerenbergh, Rudy Suwyns


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NTGent, 25.06.10


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