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Le réveil TamTam

The documentary Gardenia (before the last curtain falls) will be screened on September 30, 2017 in Vooruit Gent. In this award-winning movie Thomas Wallner and Eva Küpper delve into the exceptional live stories of a middle aged group of transsexuals and transvestites, who performed together during three years in the international acclaimed theatre performance Gardenia of Alain Platel, Frank Van Laecke and Steven Prengels. Among many others this documentary won the Ensor Price and the Jury Price on the Atlanta Film Festival and on the Hot Docs Festival in Canada.

Dutch filmmaker Carine Bijlsma follows actress Elsie de Brauw during her rehearsals for Alain Platel’s tauberbach in Ghent and Munich.


The documentary Like it Here can be seen via this link.

Recording on DVD and Blu-ray by Euroarts Music of Alain Platel’s C(H)ŒURS, premiered and recorded at the Teatro Real in Madrid. Music by Verdi and Wagner, with additional music by Steven Prengels. Performed by the Orchestra and Choir of Teatro Real and the dancers of Les Ballets C de la B.


After touring all over Europe Nicht Schlafen will end its tour in Ghent on January 31 and February 1, 2017. This dance performance of Alain Platel received the Special Jury Price at the Belgian Prix de la Critique 2017.

My new orchestra piece Die Welt von Gestern und Morgen was premiered in Zagreb on April 28, 2017 by the Zagreb Philharmonic Orchestra at the Music Biennale Zagreb.

Thomas Wallner’s and Eva Küpper’s documentary Gardenia (Before the last curtain falls) is now available on DVD and Blu-ray.


'The show culminates with a breathtaking finale to the sound of Ravel’s “Bolero”. Like a balloon or a ghost, the camera playfully floats in and around the performers’ transformative tableaux — in the beginning the troupe had entered in traditional menswear and as the ballet runs it course, in the style of a picture chart displaying the larva’s metamorphosis into butterfly, the stars have donned wigs, makeup, dresses, heels, and have reached their realest form. Before the Last Curtain Falls is an endearing recollection of life as an outsider, a sincere exploration of queer identity, and a stunning celebration of the communion we achieve in art.' (Indiewire)